Your Parish Council

What is your parish council?

Your parish council is an elected body in the first tier of local government. It is a corporate body, a legal entity separate from that of its members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. The parish council has been granted powers by Parliament including the authority to raise money by taxation (the precept, which is the local council's share of the council tax), and a range of powers to spend public money.

What does it do?

Some of the main issues that concern Sourton parish council are - planning, highways, community safety, street lighting, litter, seats and shelters & the village green. If you have a concern please contact a councillor or clerk for assistance/advice or we can direct you to the correct authority.

It can also give financial support to local groups or projects that will benefit the community, please see the Policy page for the Grant policy and application form or contact the clerk for more information.

Who can be a parish Councillor?

The full compliment for Sourton Parish Council is seven. Parish elections are held every four years, the last one being in May 2019. To stand for election you must be a British National or qualifying citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Community, be over eighteen years old and be an elector. In addition you will qualify if for the 12 months previous to nomination you either have lived in the parish, lived within 3 miles of the parish, or had your main place of work within the parish. If no more than seven people stand for election, then those seven will automatically become members of the council without the need for an election.

You and your Parish Council

The Parish Council is here to represent you and also to enable parishioners to have an input in wider national issues. Your views do count, so please keep us informed on any matters in the parish that concern you. 

Individual Councillors may be contacted via the Clerk. 01837 861120 or